Playboy Pleasure – Put In Work Kegel Set

Step up your game and unlock a world of pleasure with the Playboy Pleasure – Put In Work Kegel Set! 💜 Elevate your intimate moments and pave the way for more intense orgasms and a stronger pelvic floor. Don’t miss out – your path to a healthier, more satisfying you starts here!



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Introducing the Playboy Pleasure – Put In Work Kegel Set. Your gateway to unlocking more intense orgasms and building stronger pelvic floor muscles. This 4-piece Kegel Ball set enhances strength and tone. With a blend of durable steel and velvet-smooth silicone for an effective yet comfortable workout.

Key Features:

Track Your Progress with Graduated Weights: Start with the lightest weight in pale purple (1.2oz) and gradually challenge yourself up to the dark purple (2.4oz). This range allows you to visibly see and feel your progress as you move from one weight to the next.

Enjoy Safe, Body-Friendly Materials: Additionally, we crafted these Kegel balls from silicone-coated steel, ensuring they’re phthalate and latex-free for your health and safety.

Dive into Versatility with Waterproof Design: Not only are these weights waterproof and submersible, but they also promise easy cleaning and the option for aquatic exercises.

Size Specs:

Length: 6 inches
Depth: 1 inch
Width: 1 inch

Each weight comes with a retrieval cord for safe and easy removal. Whether you’re starting your pelvic floor strengthening journey or looking to advance your exercises, the Playboy Pleasure Kegel Set fits your fitness level perfectly. Strengthen, tone, and enhance your sexual wellness with this elegantly designed set. Embrace the path to more fulfilling orgasms and a healthier you with Playboy Pleasure, and let’s put in work together!


Product Features:

4 graduated weights: Small:1.2oz, Medium:1.6oz, Large: 2.1oz, XL: 2.4 oz
Material: Body-safe Silicone coated steel, Phthalate & latex free
Waterproof & Submersible: Yes

Size Specs:
Length: 6”
Depth: 1”
Width: 1″