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Upgrade your pleasure game with Ryder condoms – where comfort meets ecstasy for an unforgettable experience



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Elevate your intimate experience with Ryder condoms – a blend of luxury and comfort. Designed to perfection, these condoms boast a timeless and reliable structure that accommodates most gentlemen effortlessly. Crafted with a teat-ended feature, Ryder condoms ensure an abundance of room at the apex for heightened pleasure. Glide into ecstasy with the added bonus of premium lubrication, guaranteeing a frictionless and sensational journey of passion. Choose Ryder condoms for a transcendent encounter that epitomizes both quality and satisfaction.

Key Features:

Material Latex

Condom thickness: Normal

Condom structure: Sleek

Taste condom: Neutral

Lubricant condom: Normal


Material: Natural rubber latex
Lubricant: Silicon oil
Shape: Straight condom with teat
Nominal width: 53mm
Length: 180mm
Colour: Transparant
Texture: Smooth
Thickness: 85 micron
Condom Foil: Square