Struggle My Versatile Tie



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Luxurious satin-feel material binds the wrists, restricting your movement under the guise of a voluminous satin bow. Adjusting to fit the most delicate hands, this bondage scarf ensures absolute submission in comfort.
Softer than metal handcuffs but every bit as effective, this silky scarf restraint is ideal for beginners to bedroom bondage. Wrapping around both wrists and tying into a beautiful bow, the soft scarf enslaves you in comfort and style.

Versatility is offered by the classic scarf style, allowing ankles to be bound as well as the wrists. The generous length of the scarf permits a variety of possible restraints for the imaginative lovers


Key Features

51 inches long , Soft restraints for luxurious bondage play
A softer, more comfortable alternative to metal handcuffs
Enhance your play when you pair with a blindfold and feather tickler
Unisex, for him and her to enjoy
Perfect for beginners
Material: Polyester

Product Info

Material: Polyester