System JO – For Her Agape Lubricant Warming 30 ml

System JO Agape water based lubricant for women is the perfect pick for women who are sensitive to lubes and lotions. This sensitive lubricant for women is free from silicone and glycerine. The pharmaceutical grade ingredients ensure that you get all the benefits of a regular lubricant without the risk of irritation. This lube is ideal for regular use and has been approved by a doctor – the latex safe formulation means it’s safe for use with condoms, too.



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JO for Women Agapé Warming is a uniquely formulated personal lubricant containing NO silicone and NO glycerin. Created for women with sensitivities, JO for Women Agapé Warming provides sensual enhancement and moisture with an exciting Warming sensation that starts on contact.

– Silky smooth, never sticky or tacky
– Contains No Silicone, Glycerin or Oil
– Warming sensation starts on contact without blowing or rubbing
– Doctor approved and recommended
– Great for daily use
– 100% Latex Safe

At System JO, we believe everyone deserves an enhanced sensual experience.

Our JO Women’s Agape Warming lubricant was specially designed to meet the unique needs of women with silicone and/or glycerin sensitivities.

Unlike other Warming products, JO Women’s Agape Warming starts heating up on contact with no rubbing or blowing.

JO Agape Warming provides silky smooth moisture and a Warming spark with NO silicone, glycerin, oil or wax. It’s made with pure pharmaceutical grade ingredients that won’t cause irritation or disrupt feminine pH.

Never sticky or tacky, this long lasting lubricant has been recommended by doctors and women’s health experts worldwide.


Size: 30ml
Brand: System JO
Colour: Transparent