Tenga – Original Vacuum Cup Extra Cool

During Summer it can be pretty hard to stay cool. Especially when engaging in more vigorous activities such as self pleasure! Or maybe you just like that cooling feeling that a hint of menthol provides. This is where the COOL TENGA Series can help. TENGA released a special series of products specifically designed to help with those needs.



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Come and discover the menthol-infused TENGA items for COOL sensations not only to beat the heat!

Keep yourself cool all year long with a series of refreshing items that feature a cooling feeling during use!

A variety of COOL sensations awaits…

A combination of Menthol and ‘Wild Mint’ oil for maximum refreshment!
The Extra Cool Edition, recommended
for advanced users only, is now available!

– Disposable
– Prelubricated
– Cooling lubricant