The Screaming O – 4B Demon Grape Mini Vibe

The 4B Demon is an excellent choice for users of all experience levels. Portable, affordable, and versatile, it’s designed to turn your intimate moments into wickedly satisfying experiences. 🔥👿💦




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Unleash your inner nymph with the 4B Demon mini vibe!  A compact yet powerful mini vibrator designed to deliver devilishly intense sensations. Its clever design features flexible “horns” that channel deep, rumbling vibrations straight to their tips, ensuring targeted and thrilling stimulation.

Key Features:

Deep-Rumbling 4B Motor: Experience the power of deep, rumbling vibrations that resonate from the core of the 4B Demon. Perfect for those who crave intensity in a compact package.

Flexible Horns for Targeted Pleasure: The vibrator’s unique horns flex and adapt to your body, delivering delightful pleasure exactly where you need it.

Body-Safe Materials: Crafted from 100% body-safe True Silicone and ABS materials. The 4B Demon ensures a safe and enjoyable experience.

Versatile Speed Settings: With 5 speeds and a bonus pulse pattern. You can explore a variety of sensations and find your perfect rhythm for intimate mischief.

Firm Pleasure Bead: Positioned between its horns, the firm pleasure bead amplifies clitoral stimulation, transferring strong vibrations right where you desire.

Compact and Powerful: Ideal for clitoral stimulation, the 4B Demon is perfect for enhancing foreplay, speeding up orgasms, and elevating solo or partnered play.

Waterproof and Versatile: Transform ordinary showers or baths into exhilarating experiences with this waterproof vibrator. It’s perfect for adventurous play in any setting.

Extended Battery Life: Enjoy more than 30 minutes of uninterrupted pleasure with the new, reliable, and long-lasting 4LR44 battery.


– 4B motor providing deep, rumbling vibrations
– Flexible “Horns” Provide Delightful Pleasure
– Made of 100% body-safe True Silicone and ABS materials
– 5 speeds plus 1 pulse pattern
– 30+ minutes of battery life
– New reliable and long-lasting 4LR44 battery
– Waterproof