The Screaming O – 4B Skooch Strawberry Cockring

The 4B Skooch is your key to unlocking new realms of sensation and connection. Perfect for couples looking to ignite their love life, this vibrating cock ring combines pleasure with innovation. 🌊💑🔥




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Elevate your intimate moments with the 4B Skooch, a vibrating cock ring designed for exhilarating pleasure. This innovative accessory combines deep, rumbling vibrations with a playful design, ensuring pleasure for both partners.

Key Features:

Innovative Fin-Like Extensions: The 4B Skooch’s unique fin-like extensions tremble with excitement. They grind, sweep, and rub against the clitoris, delivering direct, penetrating vibrations.

Powerful 4B Bullet Vibration: Dive into 6 functions of deep, rumbling bass-like vibrations. Choose from gentle waves to powerful tremors, tailoring your experience.

Body-Safe Materials: Made from 100% body-safe True Silicone and lab-tested ABS plastic, the 4B Skooch prioritizes your safety and comfort.

Versatile Speed Settings: Offering 5 speeds and 1 pulse pattern, this cock ring adapts to your mood and preferences. Enjoy slow build-ups or intense sessions at your command.

Comfortable and Secure Fit: The wider, stretchy band ensures a snug, secure fit. It stays in place, letting you focus fully on the pleasure without distractions.

Extended Battery Life: Enjoy over 30 minutes of battery life with the reliable, long-lasting 4LR44 battery. Extend your sessions as long as you like.

Waterproof Design: The 4B Skooch is fully waterproof, perfect for adventurous play. Take it to the shower, bath, or any aquatic setting where the mood strikes.


– 4B motor providing deep, rumbling vibrations
– Flexible fins transfer vibrations
– Made of 100% body-safe True Silicone and ABS materials
– 5 speeds plus 1 pulse pattern
– Wide band for a secure, comfortable fit
– 30+ minutes of battery life
New reliable and long-lasting 4LR44 battery
– Waterproof