Dive into Passion on January 13: Let’s Play! Celebrating Sex in the Shower Day

Hey there, shower enthusiasts! As January 13th rolls in, get ready to turn your shower routine into a sensual escapade—it’s Sex in the Shower Day! Time to sprinkle some passion into those suds and make a splash that you won’t forget.


  1. Wet and Wild Fantasies:

Picture this: you and your partner, under the warm cascade of water, turning your shower into a playground of pleasure. Let the water droplets be the applause for your intimate performance. It’s not just a shower; it’s a stage for love, laughter, and exploration.

Playful Tip: Add a touch of excitement with some waterproof toys—because who says bath time can’t be a little naughty and nice? Check out Pleasure Store’s collection for some wet and wild inspiration. We recommend the Nexus – Douche Set with 2 Silicone Nozzles for an extra level of intimacy.

  1. Steamy Seduction:

The steam is rising, and so is the temperature! Step into the misty embrace with your special someone. The steamy air adds a hint of mystery, making every touch a thrilling discovery. Why not make it a game of hide and seek where pleasure is the ultimate prize?

Sensual Suggestion: Set the mood with Pleasure Store’s scented candles. Choose a fragrance that whispers sweet nothings and transforms your shower into a haven of desire. Enhance the experience with the LoveToy Sliding Skin Dual Layer 7 Inch Dildo for a steamy touch.

  1. Slippery Slide to Pleasure:

Get ready to slide and glide! With silky-smooth bath products, your shower becomes a sensual dance floor. Let the slippery excitement heighten every caress, turning your bodies into a masterpiece of desire. It’s not just a shower; it’s a slippery, sultry celebration!


Sex in the Shower Day is your ticket to break free from the mundane and dive into a world where passion meets the invigorating flow of water. So, get playful, get wet, and let the steamy symphony of desire play on! For an unforgettable finale, consider the Fleshlight – Turbo Core Masturbator paired with the Fleshlight Shower Mount or Pixey Aquamini Wand Black Edition for the ultimate pleasure experience.