Kiiroo – Stars Collection Strokers Feel Molly Stewart

Let Molly Stewart take you to new pleasure heights that you have never experienced before. The Feel Molly Stewart Stroker and our automatic masturbator; Keon, pair together seamlessly to level up your masturbation game.



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Tall and muscular, Molly Stewart looks like she stepped out of your favorite comic book and into the real world! Her passion for fitness shines through in her photos and videos. Since her start in the adult industry in 2013, she has been an independent content creator who is passionate about bringing art into the media she creates. Now, Molly is able to let her fans experience what it’s really like to be with her using her very own personal stroker; Feel Molly! The FeelMolly Stroker was designed to be used with Keon, Kiiroo’s flagship masturbator that will bring fans closer than ever before to feeling what it is like to be with Molly Stewart.

Sculpted to perfection, Molly Stewart is one of the industry’s most lusted-after stars. Now you get to feel what it’s like to really be with her. Pair the FeelMolly stroker with automatic masturbator; Keon and her irresistible content for amazing pleasure.


Product specifications:

Material Stroker: ABS, PC
Material Sleeve: TPE
Item Weight: 550 g / 19,4 oz
Item Height: 223 mm / 22,3 cm
Item Width: Bottom Cap 85 mm / 8.5 cm – Top Cap 58 mm / 5.8 cm
Item Length: Bottom Cap 85 mm / 8.5 cm – Top Cap 58 mm / 5.8 cm
Item Packaged Weight: 623 g / 21.97 oz
Item Packaged Height: 230 mm / 23 cm
Item Packaged Width: 92 mm / 9.2 cm
Item Packaged Length: 92mm / 9.2 cm