Brutus – Stealth Chastity Cage

Embrace the ultimate power exchange with the BRUTUS Stealth Cock Cage 🖤🔒. Tailored for comfort and control, this durable polycarbonate chastity device is your key to unlocking a world of tantalizing denial and submission. With its sleek ‘stealth’ lock and ergonomic design, prepare for an adventure in discretion and pleasure. Dare to explore the boundaries of desire? Hand over the key and let the games begin. Unlock your deepest fantasies today with BRUTUS. 🔥🗝️



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Lock Him Up and Take Control! 🗝️💥

Dive into the world of dominance with the BRUTUS Stealth Cock Cage, a masterpiece of male chastity made from robust polycarbonate. Tailor-made for your unique size, it promises an impeccable fit for long-term wear. Will you relinquish the key and embrace the thrill of submission?

With four sizes of cock rings (35 / 40 / 45 or 50 mm diameter), comfort meets customization. Each ring is ergonomically shaped to hug your body’s contours, ensuring unparalleled comfort throughout your journey. Plus, with the lock ingeniously hidden within the cage, forget the annoyance of a noisy, swinging padlock.

Sporting a 35 mm diameter, this cage isn’t just about control; it’s also designed for hygiene. Thanks to its ventilation slots, keeping it clean is a breeze. The BRUTUS Stealth Chastity Cage is your secret weapon for denying him access and enhancing your power play dynamics.

Embrace the ‘stealth’ lock feature and find the perfect fit with four adaptable cock ring sizes, all while enjoying lasting comfort. The BRUTUS Stealth Cock Cage is more than a device; it’s a statement of control and sensual denial. Step into a world where you hold the key to ultimate pleasure and power. 🔐❤️

Choose BRUTUS for a journey of discovery and excitement, where every moment is a tantalizing promise of what’s to come.


  • BRUTUS Polycarbonate chastity cage
  • With smoothly embedded ‘stealth’ lock
  • With four different sizes of cock rings so perfectly adjustable to fit well
  • Ergonomic cock rings, following the shapes of your body for durable comfort
  • The cage has a diameter of 35 mm