Orgie – Orgasm Drops Kissable Clitoral Arousal 30ml

Kissable drops for clitoris arousal. Orgasm Drops Kissable is an exclusive and groundbreaking Orgie formulation, employing high-end raw materials.



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Orgie Kissable Clitoral Arousal Drops

Orgasmic pleasure is just a few drops away! This luxuriously light and silky smooth liquid, when applied directly onto the clitoris, will provide a warming feeling that magnifies sensitivity, whether with a partner of just relaxing for some solo fun.

Using The Kissable Drops

Once the drops are applied to the clitoris, the instant warming effect stimulates the intimate area, while even the slightest touch of your fingers will send waves of sexual pleasure and arousal. The touch of your partner’s skin will feel heavenly with every stroke. Apply a few drops directly on the clitoris, then massage lightly and wait a few seconds to unleash an ecstatic skin-stimulating experience.

Care and Storing

When your fun and games are over store the Orgie Orgasm Drops Kissable drops in a safe place away from little fingers with the lid on tight, until the next time you and your partner are looking to have some fun.

Product Features:

30ml Bottle in Size
A dosing pipette for easy usage
Stimulating clitoris drops
Can provide a warming feeling
Can support increased feelings of pleasure and arousal
Promotes more regular and intense orgasms
Made in Portugal
Ingredients: Glycerine, propylene glycol, polysorbate 20, water, phenoxyethanol, Eugenia Caryophyllus flower oil, eugenol, mentha Arvensis leaf oil, sodium saccharin, l-menthone menthol, aroma (flavour), Ethylhexylglycerin, beta-caryophyllene, limonene, menthyl acetate, Eugenyl acetate, pinene, carvone.

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– increases the sensibility
– much more excitement
– an incredible formula to sensitize the clitoris
– unforgettable sensation
– enjoy few drops, the effect is intensive

30 ml