Pjur MED Clean Spray 100 Ml



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Gentle personal care spray. Clean is a unique personal cleaning product containing special ingredients that provide gentle hygiene. This health-conscious personal care product is hypoallergenic, odorless, alcohol-free, and ideal for daily use. Medical grade ingredients and the unique formula makes it a natural choice for gentle, personal care. From Pjur.

For gentle, hygienic cleaning of intimate areas and utensils – alcohol sensitive materials such as latex, rubber and silicone are not affected! Reduces body odor and has an effect on bacteria and fungi.

*When cleaning utensils pjur® Med Clean has to a certain extent an anti-viral effect against lipophilic, enveloped viruses. pjur® Med Clean is exclusively intended for topical use and does not replace the use of condoms. Ideally suited for use on sensitive skin or mucous membranes.

Dermatologically tested, neutral to taste and smell.

Directions: spray directly onto the part of the skin or object to be cleaned, and wipe if necessary.


Key Features
This health-conscious personal care product is allergy-free, odourless, alcohol-free, and perfect for everyday use.
A natural choice for the gentle, personal care of your adult toys.

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Size: 100 ml